From `A Morsel of Different Shades’ by S.K.Sanyal

“Suraiya was shaking Reshma with both hands when the latter was

relieved from her trance. The daughter wisely manufactured some

stories depicting her over-eagerness towards studies and succeeded

in convincing her mother about her seriousness as a student.

‘Do you know, Amma, in the English language, if a word,

whichever way you read it, forward or reverse, is the same, it is

called a palindrome, like noon or deed. And Amma, this sweet word

amma is itself a palindrome, abba, too. Our home city, Domod, is

also a palindrome.’

‘That is funny. We ignoramuses have heard of aerodromes but

not palindromes,’ saying, Suraiya left to complete her household

chores. Reshma burst into laughter muttering to herself, ‘I can give

you more examples– but then you will start asking me the meanings

and will have the inevitable suspicion about me being involved in

some affair. Though you will not be far from truth, Amma. I’m sorry,

but you don’t know that evil I dwell, lewd I live, the philosophic

palindrome some genius has discovered, just about circumscribes

my present attitude to life.’

Again, she entered her reverie where only Saras and Anna (both

names cut short to palindromes) existed; the outside world had no




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