From the new release `A Morsel of Different Shades’

“It was a hot summer afternoon. Sneha tried to take a short nap, partially beset with the heinous project Reshma had mentioned and the consequences thereof. She felt very hot, and inadvertently, her sight fell on the floor. The dust particles, scraps of rolled paper, a few strands of hair were all static, showing no attempt to move as if they were able to resist the air thrown up by the fan moving with the same monotonous drone as always. Sneha felt mesmerized in the hot afternoon in the bed. Was she hallucinating? She got up from the bed, put off the fan, and then put it on again. Then, she entered a reverie. Reshma, the succubus, appeared before her with eyes angry and seductive, body exposed and aggressive. She exploded in laughter, advanced towards her, held her hair firmly and took her to bed. She shrieked, laughed and kneaded her like dough, saying: ‘There is no escape for you. You are in it up to the knees.’

The dull droning sound of the fan woke up Sneha. There seemed to be no respite for her. She went out of the house and called an electrician who immediately set the blades in order and lo! Dust particles began flying, the hair strands curled up and moved in circles and the paper rolls stirred, the cool air providing her some relief from the heat. However, her moments of relief were numbered. There was a knock on the door and to Sneha’s bewilderment, Reshma stood before her in a low-cut blouse and chiffon sari, face all made up with a purplish jab on the lips. This was reality, Reshma at her seductive best. It took a few seconds for Sneha to let it sink in.

‘Please come in,’ she said simply.


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