At a pre-decided time, Dinesh muttered to his wife:

‘I find Mrs Solkar pouring out her heart on your first child. Haven’t you noticed that she doesn’t want to miss him even for a moment.’

‘Yes, her love for our Bunty is unusual. Probably because she is childless,’ replied Tarang, without any emotion.

‘We should take pity on her and give her your Bunty for good. In any case, we have our own Monty,’ drawled Dinesh, his eyes fixed on Tarang’s. The words ‘your Bunty’ and ‘our own Monty’ were not lost on her. Tarang’s eyes filled with tears. She had no reproach towards her husband, wondering why he had been silent on the issue all along. And why did he want to give away the child to Suman? After a few moments of silence, she broke down.

‘Your suggestion is cruel. Please allow me to keep him with me. I know you have no affection for Bunty and you are justified, too. But it’s heartbreaking for me,’ said Tarang and began crying.

When she found Suman’s caressing hands wiping her tears, she felt a little embarrassed. Pushing away Suman’s hands, she got up and shouted at Suman: ‘So it’s you who planned to use my womb to get your son by proxy. Scheming lady, aren’t you ashamed. Why do you think I would give Bunty to you?’

Suman waited for a few minutes before replying calmly: ‘Okay, don’t give me Bunty. If Dinesh is unwilling to part with Bunty, I will not ask for him again. Both of you think over it. I’m not in a hurry.’

With these words, Suman departed as dramatically as she had arrived.


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