Random Thoughts     -a free verse

What is `present’?

With engulfing past as prefix

And unpredictable future as suffix

Sandwiched between the known and the unknown

Three mutually exclusive cases

Come to my mind.


With present as an interregnum

Between a recent past and immediate future

Carpe-diem follows as a corollary

Enjoy to the fullest

As there is no morrow


In contrast, the present

As a long line segment on the number line

Suffices to formulate and plan

Learning from failures to attain success,

Where remote past will not disturb

Nor the distant future enthrall.


The third way of looking at present,

`The future starts today,

Not tomorrow’ as Pope had said.

Meant probably for only workaholics,


For me, future is a distant past

Living on bonus, dodging thrice

The jaws of death, statistically1

Cherish and coddle your memory

Ought to be future birthday wishes

In cricketing parlance,

I’m in the eighteenth over in a T20 match

Facing Y(B)umraj(hh) at the death- over

Slogging and chasing an indefinable target,

The risk of being `yorked’

Or caught at the boundary


1.` The old and the asymptote’, Salil Sanyal, 9Aug 2016, Word Press. com; Situation analysis of the elderly discloses that at 60 years, a person has 18 more years and at 70 years, 12 more years to be expected to live based on age-specific death rates. So, for a person who is 82 years or more, he has knocked at Death’s door thrice and there is sufficient reason for Death’s rage.


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